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Mountain Movers Of the Appalachian Mountains Paperback

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NESTLED IN THE FOOTHILLS OF THE SMOKY MOUNTAINS, the Appalachian Highlands region encompasses Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It includes the cities of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, as well as the surrounding seven counties, for a combined population of more than half a million people.

We believe this region is defined by its people, and that’s the entire purpose and spirit behind the book you are reading now. This book includes 24 chapters, telling the stories of 21 individuals, two couples, and one tribute to a community pillar who recently passed.

Each of these stories is about someone who excels in their given field, while also finding time to give back to their community. In a nod to the stunning physical landscape in which we live, we call these amazing people “Mountain Movers.”

Their stories represent just a small part of the diverse, talented, creative, charitable, and driven population of the Appalachian Highlands, the place that we call home.

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